Home Fitness Workouts

It is no doubt that fitness contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The emphasis put across on taking some healthy activities is more than enough. Most of the information in the web and other publications talk about how people can engage in various activities to remain fit. So, whether you are based at home, working or involved in any other schedules, the options to stay fit are numerous. Here, we will discuss the best fitness workouts to do at home.


This has to be on top of the list as it is the most popular. Soldiers and inmates who value fitness do it in their sleeping cubicles and it does wonders. While at home, the workout will not need much space. Further, you do not require any equipment to do push-ups. They are good for the arms, shoulders and the core. Plan to do at least 3 rounds or 15 reps every day and you will feel the difference.



This is another great exercise that only needs your body to do. Most people find it challenging to perform 10 reps in each set. However, people can start with 5 reps especially those who are new to workouts. Then the reps can increase gradually as the body gets used. It is an excellent exercise of the lower body and especially the glutes and lats around the thighs and the buttocks. The core also gets a chunk of benefits from this activity.


Including this on the list is not an option. Squats have numerous health benefits to the body than one can imagine. If the body is already used to the workout, it is now time to get down with some added weight on your hands. Most people like to grab some dumbbells or kettlebells. However, two bottles filled with water can do the trick as well. Make sure that you do around 3 sets of 15 reps each. Squats with an added weight benefit the whole body.


Planks are popular with beginners in workouts but can also do well with any other person. Just like the other exercises, they do not require much space at home. Both normal planks and the side planks are easy to do yet have numerous health benefits. You can add and mat to protect the elbow from the hard surface.


Yoga can have a series of activities. It is easily done at home especially if there is a guide for the same. Most people use a video or fitness publication with instructions. Yoga is common among women but men can also join in and benefit. It is good for the whole body fitness, mental relaxation and focusing. For those who love yoga. Adding a training partner can be a great idea. Some accessories like mats will be needed as well as some space. Doing yoga right and for enough time will make a difference in any person’s life.yoga

Final word

Doing exercises at home is a great way to stay fit. To add some more, you can run or take a walk either in the morning or evening. Remaining active throughout the day also helps a great deal. Stay fit and healthy at all times.