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Tina Turner the Queen of Soul Music

When you listen to Tina Turner, you probably associate her music with that of Whitney Houston. Her music has a 1980s feel, but it is still appreciated to date by people who love soul music. When we look at her musical journey, we can say that she is the queen of soul music. Born in 1939, she is still an appreciated music icon. Turner is not just known for her musical prowess. She is also a great dancer, and her dancing career kicked off in the early 1980s.

Music come-back

Many people had forgotten about Tina Turner after she went on unannounced retirement. However, she made a comeback in 2009 and surprised her fans by performing on a concert. Many fans were surprised by her energetic performance despite being away for a long time.

The tina turner in concert 2009 was the hallmark of her music come-back. Her hit songs like ‘what’s love got to do with it’ and ‘simply the best’ made the crowd go wild. It was surprising to note that even after many years away from the crowd still loved her music and performance. Fans of all ages were singing along.

Spiritual journey

We have always known Tina Turner as a great singer and dancer, and many people didn’t know about her spiritual journey. She admitted that she has always been spiritual and she has even produced Christian music and music with Buddhist chants. This is a side of turner that many people were surprised to discover. The truth is, no matter the type of music turner decides to sing her fans will always appreciate her music because of her powerful voice.


Fashion icon

TinaTina Turner recent performance Turner has always been a fashion icon, and many fashion magazines all over the world refer to her style for inspiration. When Turner is on stage performing, she will always surprise fans with interesting outfits. We can only relate her love for fashion to Beyoncé. Just like Beyoncé, Turner takes time to dress well and captivate her fans. In one of the performances, she appeared on stage with like human fire which was very interesting.

Aging gracefully

It is not every day that you might find a 78-year-old woman who looks like Tina Turner. She has still managed to look youthful over the years, and this is something that many people cannot figure out. Turner is one of the celebrities who has managed to age gracefully.…